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article for BAAJ 04/20/2015
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This is the way it is now.Konomi and I are setting out our csa garden.We have only 24 shareholders this year.Yuki Nishisawa-san is volunteering with us now.maybe later this month more will come.We have 7 head of cattle now.3 steers for beef, 2 heifers and 2 cows.We have 4 hens and 3 roosters.6 rabbits and 1 donkey.Of these cattle one cow is a 3 year old bd jersey ,the other is an organic nurse jersey cow for wakyu beef babies."Baby" and "Betty".Baby is for dairy and jersey babies.She is our foundation cow for our dairy future.I hope to have a couple of organic jerseys to give us bd babies.A bd cow is one that is born on a bd farm.An organic cow brought in can never be bd, but her babies will be as long as they are born on a bd farm.It is said that a cow should not be removed from the land where he grazes.It loses something of itself and has to readjust dramatically.
The heifers, one is a present from Han-ura san.Her name is "Natsu" She is A.I. pregnant and due with baby this summer.She is technically a bd cow since she was born on a bd farm.But there are no standards that determine such things, as yet.And all our cows are artificially inseminated because there is no bd bull yet.The other heifer is "Betty"'s baby "Susie",a wagyu 2 years old born on this farm.She is ready for A.I. this summer for a next years spring baby from a wagyu seed.She is the foundation for our Demeter beef herd.
The 3 steers are less than 1 year old."Hoshibo" was born from "Baby"He is a bd jersey born on our farm."Cocoro" from hibiki no mura.Again from a bd farm.Also a jersey.and then there is "Taiki boy" from an almost organic farm in Taiki-cho who are interested in bd and are making bd compost from the preps we gave them.He is a brown swiss.
With theses cows Konomi and I are able to survive.But what is needed for this bd movement is more than what we have.We have an opportunity to buy some good land next to where we are now.We think it is the perfect place for a beef ranch.So we are trying to buy it.There is 100 ha that has to be sold as one whole piece.Half is woods half is pasture with water on it.We have been renting part of this land now for 3 or 4 years.Konomi is working hard to make it all come together.Please help her and this mission.
We are conducting a study group at the Obihiro cow college.Their are about 8 to 10 people there and we study the agriculture course lectures by Dr.Rudolf Steiner.Some are students, some are not.Some people have donated books so we can share with new members.Thank you very much for donating.We started around January this year.We meet a couple times a month.Hopefully we can have a summer camp for college students and then a farm school.We are currently looking for an apprentice to be with us.

We will be making the spring preps and digging up last years fall preps.We have been working on the yarrow flower tops all winter and are ready for deer bladders.We encourage all farmers and gardeners to grow some of the herbs we need to make the preps with,such as chamomile,valerian,yarrow and dandelion.Dandelion season is almost here.Remember to harvest according to flower days on the calendar and morning hours after dews lifts and not after 12 o'clock noon.and the right openess of the flower.Look for the ones that are shaped like a bullseye or nipple of a human breast.

We make the preps for anyone to use. We need some help getting enough herbs along with all the other work here we have to do.So please grow and harvest some of these herbs for us and we will have the preps ready when you need them until you can make your own and we can teach you to make them too.
If we get this land, we will need people to share in the task of building a community from scratch.We have our own water. We can have methane gas,solar power,and many other permaculture techniques such as an eco village and be off grid.We need people with a true pioneer spirit.We have been pioneering here for 6 years and will continue until we bust or we succeed.Success would mean we have a proper bd farm community that has a future.If you or someone you know are interested, please send them to us.

I returned from a trip to Virginia USA for a BD perp workshop and got to learn a ;ot of new things about bd and life in general.We gave our own workshop this last weekend for a little more than 20 people.I aws very glad to share with them the things i learned.The workshop was in Floyd Virginia only 2 hours from my families home town.We had a family reunion to celebrate my visit h with them.They were very inyerested in our lifestyle.We grow most of our own food for ourselves and our volunteers and our 24 members.We are mostly off grid.We are very conservative with our money.We love what we are doing for the earth and our fellow human beings.I told my family about our threefold social order philosophy of Rudolf Steiner and how we try to live our lives.The threefold social order is 3 basic principles.1 Is freedom.I do what ever i want to do or what must be done out of my own free will.Noone is forceing me to do what i think may be a wrong thing to do.I have a freedom of choice.I'm not a slave to economics,politics, our gossip.We are free human beings and we should live like a human being on earth.Imagine a civilization before money was created.Everything and every one was free to do whatthey wanted to do.Eat sleep gather food and stay warm in a shelter.imagine not paying an electric bill or gas for your car,in other words you had free energy.you would be free to grow your own food ,raise your children ,take care of the elderly , and enjoy good quality family time together instead of having to go to work at a job that is not nessecary to earn money to give to someone who may do bad things with it.Freedom.2 is Equality.Noone is more important than anyone else.We all have our space to fill.A doctor would be treated the same as a shoe maker.Both eat for free and both are doing something positive for the community.We all have equal rights.3 is brotherly love.Love is giving and recieveing.We have no possesions.This is not my tea cup it is our tea cup.Everybody knowss i like this tea cup so i take care of it.This is just a breif outline of how we try to live everyday.Please look into this lecture,"The threefold social order" by Rudolf Steiner.Read also "How to know higher world's" and learn the 6 basic meditation exercises and you will be free,equal and have love in your heart.It has changed my life.I wish my family and friends and everyone could try to live like natural human beings should live on this earth.This is how we want our community to evolve to.We are seeking apprentices and community managers for our Sophia Farm Community here in Honbetsu.Please come visit our farm and lets talk.

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