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How I see Sophia Farm Community
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"How to save the world,One Man One Cow ,One Planet."
世界を救う方法 「ヒト・ウシ・地球 − バイオダイナミック農法の世界」

Is one of my favorite Bio Dynamic (BD) agricultural films.Featuring Peter Proctor From New Zealand who went to India to help with the BD movement there.One part in particular sticks out in my mind.One farmer tells his neighbor about BD and He tries it for himself and it spreads throughout the communities and then districts.They tell how it has improved the social,economic,and cultural environment in these places where BD was happening.
これは、私のお気に入りのバイオダイナミック(BD)農業映画の1つであり、インドのBD運動を手伝うためにインドに行ったニュージーランド出身のピータープロクターが登場します。 自分のためにそれを試してみて、それが地域社会全体に広がり、それがBDが起こっていたこれらの場所の社会的、経済的、文化的環境をどのように改善したかを伝えます。

Konomi and I think it can happen here too.But where is this first farm in Hokkaido?And who will do the work?I volunteer to do what i can,and here is the perfect place for that farm and we are both here to do the work and we would love every minute doing it.We have been here already for 6 years renting.It's time to secure this land for the future of the BD movement in Japan.We call this farm Sophia Farm Community SFC).Because it will be a Bio Dynamic farm and an Anthroposophy Community.Like Rudolf Steiner's Three Fold Social Order.We would live together with freedom,equality and brotherliness as love.There are other good BD farms starting here in Hokkaido,but we think we have an advantage.We are looking at 100 hectres (247 acres).Half is natural forests and meadows and the rest is for pastures and making hay.To the east and down hill is a hay field rented by our neighbor.Presently there is no danger of contamination from him as he only uses mineral fertilizers.No danger of contamination of pesticide or herbicides from any direction.

There are springs on several different place on the farm.So we would have access to water for use and for the animals year round.There are no electrical power lines running through our property to cause interference.No gas lines that we know about.We could have our own energy source.Wind ,water,and solar.Plus horsepower or oxen.There are no building on this site except our little cabin we built ,but we can easily add on or move to another location.We have the trees necessary to build the buildings and for fence posts on the farm.We have plowed a place for a row garden for the CSA and are making hay on the other side of where we are now for the first time this year.We have our own hay making equipment.We would have to build a barn for winter feed and animal shelters.We would have to fence it all off,because we will want to keep a bull with the herd and do intensive grazing.There are a few BD vegetable farms in Japan but there is no BD beef and/or BD sheaths needed for making the BD preps.Japan needs this beef to help the Demeter Certification get started in Japan and we can teach apprentices how to raise beef and of course many other things related to agriculture and anthroposophy.Japan needs more BD preps than we can make and we can teach how to make and use them to new BD farmers.Even with 30 cows that we had planned on having weare still a long way off (maybe 10 years from now) to collect these horns and hooves so we have to start soon as possible and get established as Japan's first prep makers In Hokkaido.We plan to do research and set up a chromatography lab for quality testing of compost,soil and seeds etc..

We would have to build our own houses.There are many houses around us that are for rent until your house is finished.Our task now is to build an apprentice house big enough for four people.Then a couple more for staff managers in Sofia Farm Community.So our apprentices will learn how to build their own house and can stay and live there with us or move on and let someone else live there.We would build a small creamery to make cheese,butter and yogurt.A place to process our own meats.Three root cellars,One for vegetables.one for cheese and one for the BD preps.A bath house would be nice for community members and guests.

We have built a wood fired brick oven.This bakery is now serving as our kitchen and office until the volunteer kitchen is completed.We would want a baker to bake twice a week or less.This baker would be a farm staff manager.He or she would decide their economics and can grow their own grain and grind them into flour.He or she would have to cut most of their own firewood for baking.They will have a free place to live and free food.Free energy.Same with the other staff members.They don't have to pay any bills.They can contribute to the community bank.The office manager would give us money when we want it or need it.All the other managers will contribute too.We would all share certain vehicles for going places.When I say all mangers i mean i hope to see 6 managers for Sophia Farm Community.1. The baker 2.The gardener 3.The livestock manager 4.The kitchen manager 5.The maintenance manager 6.The office mangers.All living and eating for free with their families on the farm.They would be in charge of training an apprentice or 2 and will have labor from our friends from W.W.O.O.F..We are a W W O O F host and we accept volunteers interested in what we do as farmers and community to stay in our volunteer house we have now.We get to meet some very interesting people this way and can teach some and learn from other ones.Plus we can make friends all over the world.

The idea is to let the managers be free to do what they love to do and they don't have to worry about their living expenses. They get to spend more time with their families and be doing a community service not only for SFC but the global community.A gardener can stay in the garden and work with the kitchen staff to feed everyone.I figured we would have to feed 20 people full time plus grow enough for our CSA and help the baker grow his grains and grains for the livestock manager for feed for the animals.we would all work together as a self sufficient farm community.We would have time off too.Sundays day off plus 3 days a month and you can save those days to take a trip as a wwoofer to get some more experience or go somewhere you always wanted to go but could not take time off from work to make money to pay bills.The community would give you the money to go and come back.

Does sound good to you.We are trying to build this community from scratch and we have a big vision for the future with you.

If you want to come join us and/or have any questions contact Konomi or I.We are still in the planning stage.Communities is how we can make the most difference in the quality of our lives and for the ones around us.Let's come together right now. We can do what we love to do and care for the elderly and the young in a family farm environment that is healthy and developing spiritually and well as socially.Healthy food means healthy people.With Bio Dynamics and Anthroposophy we can heal the earth and the human being.When you heal the human being you also heal the earth.Let's work together to spread the BD movement and live happy healthy lives.

Come On!!!!!!!!

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Hello m'y name is Lanoir Martial and i am 44years Old french Man living in Japan Hiroshima pr&#233;fecture ONOMICHI City with japanese wife and 5years Old daughter.
I got your mail from Nicolas Toudic who are in touch with &#224; french Baker named Nicolas Supiot.

I am Baker and woudlike to grow m'y own wheat with Old races to bake if possible &#224; non-allergenic bread.

Are you able to tell me how to get this precious Old species of wheat seeds?

I apologise for m'y poor english.

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu, Martial.

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