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BD farmers wanted バイオダイナミック農家募集しています。
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Would you like to be a a Bio Dynamic farmer in the beautiful Tokachi Valley on the Hokkaido Island of Japan? We can help. We can offer training and other resources necessary. We know of 5 different farms willing to convert to Bio Dynamic practices. Only they need someone who can do BD methods.

日本の島・北海道にある美しい十勝で、バイオダイナミック農家になりませんか? 私たちがお手伝いします。私たちは研修や、ほかに必要なものを提供することができます。私たちは、バイオダイナミックを実践に切り替えようとしている5ヵ所の農家を知っています。それらの農場ではバイオダイナミック農法をする人だけを必要としています。

We have started a BD CSA farm community and can train anyone interested in becoming an apprentice of ours and after completion of a 2 year course they can stay on with us or move onto one of these farms or get their own farm elsewhere. Our apprentice will learn English and will be able to go abroad to gain more experience in worldwide methods of BD agriculture. 


We are also a W.W.O.O.F. host and accept volunteers from many different countries for labor and cultural exchange. Hopefully they can be friends with them.


There are other positions here too for experienced BD farmer or someone fresh out of a BD training course looking for his first farm. You can be farming the next day after you step of the airplane. Well almost in would be good to learn to speak Japanese for better communications and networking.There is room for Waldorf teachers here too. 


Come on we need you, now!!
Contact me or Konomi soon.


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Hello, I am from Hong Kong and I heard from a friend from Taiwan about your BD farm =) She was a volunteer in your farm some time before. And I am really excited to get to know about your farm since I am studying Waldorf and Antroposophy and would like to know more about BD too!! May I have more information about your "BD training" and any related voluntary work that I may participate in? Thank you!

投稿者(Contributor):Amrani Chu|2016/04/02 00:31:12

Dear friend from Hong Kong.
Contact Konomi by email.We are accepting apprentice for a two year program.Also you can Join W.W.O.O.F. of Japan. We are a wwoof host you can also contact us through them.but please stay as long as you can.Good luck with your studies.

投稿者(Contributor):ben2016/04/02 08:29:19

Thanks for the reply. =D
For the 2-years program, do you mean we are expected to stay in the farm for the whole 2 years? or does it work as some sort of block training?
Would you please pass Konomi's email to me so that we can have further conversation over that? you are welcome to contact me through email as well. =)

投稿者(Contributor):Amrani Chu|2016/04/05 23:33:11


投稿者(Contributor):美花|2017/07/05 22:45:43





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