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March 4th 2010
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Hi diary,It's time to write again,but things are happening so fast it will be hard to tell all.Our grand opening was a grand success.We met over 40 people and made pizza and sold some bread and made contacts so we can sell more.We  have been taking orders and we are happy with this system so far.We try to push our csa movement too and got one person to sign up now we have only 5 csa members.Getting the garden started and recruiting new csa members is our next major priority.After the grand opening we had a small party our friends from Date city who will join our community in the end of March came and played music.

Trevor and Mika.Trevor is an organic/biodynamic gardener and plays the guitar and mandolin and also is a teacher.We will be very glad to have him here with us,Mika his wife is baker and such a sweet person.She is very intelligent and pretty.Trevor brought with him his guitar and mandolin.Our friend Ken Satioh and his wife Atsuko also came.Ken is a multitalented gentleman who played Trevor's guitar.I cannot play an instrument but i like to dance and i did.We all had a great time that night.
A couple days later i went ski walking in one of the most beautiful places in Hokkaido.It is near a volcano and a sister mountain called Akan Fuji,at the bottom of these mountains in lake Onneto.The lake was frozen so we crosted it and were the first ones across it.Behind the lake was a magnificant veiw of the mountain.Our trail led us to a hot spring where water was coming out of the side of a bank.It was not the kind of ho9t spring where we could take a bath.When we got back to the parking lot there was a hot springs bath there and we soaked ourselves there.It was a wonderful experience being in the great outdoors and seeing nature up close.Later the club had another ski trip to anther hot spring but i could not go as Konomi and I gave a workshop to the Tokachi Organic Network at the Tokachigawa onsen hotel.

We talked 50 minutes about the biodynamic calendar.It was the yearly social meeting and we dicussed the networks business.We were also informed about a letterbi recieved from the Tokachi Government wanting to get our advice about what the nTokachi government can do to help the organic movement.We talked almost allnight about what we could say to them.We will get this chance on March 8 in Obihiro.I have written down my ideas and have posted them in our diary too.Ken Saitoh-san will be there with me to translate for me.
Before that we went to Tohma a organic model city for Hokkaido for an Hokkaido organic conference to hear 3 people talk about organics.One guy Kukuchi-san talk about "why now  organics"We heard this lecture from him before.It was just exciting as the last time.He did a great presentation and mentioned Al Gores "an incovinenttruth" many times.That movie really changed my life.After seeing that movie i told myself somebody has got to do something.So i started on my way to where i am now.That was in the pring of 2007.
Another speaker was very interesting he spoke about his organic school on Shi ko ku island.After his talk we got to talk to him and learned that he got a lot of support from his city hall.We want anj organic/biodynamic school near us too.We want to have in our community some people to teach the organic/biodynamic method so they can be farmers too.Hopefully near us in the Honbetsu area or at least the Tokachi area, but really anywhere would be great too.Afterall the earth needs to be healed and there is earth everywhere.
Another guy talked about eels in rice paddies.Some of these eels are very rare due to the use of chemicals and poor farming techniques.The eels help eat the algae in the paddies and are very beneficial to organic rice production.I must admit i wasn't to muchninterested in this one but we met some really nice people there at this convention and expanded our network a great deal more.Soon we hope everyone in Hokkaido that is interested in organics will hear about us.Its true we are only begining our farm but our network for information is growing very fast.We know a lot of people who are farming organically and we want them to know we are happy they are doing it.With all this networking i'm afraid Konomi is going to be on the computer or in the office more than she wants to.She is a good worker especially in the office keeping records but she would rather be on the farm doing farm work.My hands are tied.I can't speak or write Japanese yet so i'm stuck doing the farm work,which is where i really want to be anyway.Sowhile I'm doing the farm work to show a good farm Konomi is there telling people to lets work together for the organic movement.So we are both doing our part for Japan's organic movement.And soon we will have some great help from Trevor and Mika,plus some wwoofer's and apprentices and maybe more community members soon.
Our priorities now are recruiting csa members and getting our garden started,getting Trevor and Mika moved in,keeping our bakery business alive,which is doing very well now,and making a plan for the future school and community.The weather is getting milder everyday so the snow is melting very slowly.
Our cow Betty is due her first calf on the 28th.Next is Tomi due in April,then Sara in June,then Ichigo due in July.Its going to be excitig to have some new babies on the farm to show our visitors children.The calves are very cute.And i hope we get some girl babies.We hope to get other livestock too as we get time and organic feed for them.Orgaic feed is hard to comeby so we will need to grow our own feed.We should do it antway to become Demeter certified.
After the government talk we will attend a meeting with Masuya-san a bakery who sponsors an organic farmers market in his parking lot.We were invited to participate last year but we didn't have enough time or vegetables.We hope maybe with Trevor and a few volunteers and enogh vegetables we can attend this year and profit from it,as well as help the organic movement.
Our next event besides the csa gathering we will have here and there is the spring equinox workshop Konomi is still working on the details and i can't ask her yet so that i can tell you so we have to wait until next time i write.
There is an interesting movie out now about an organic school lunch program.Wouldn't it be nice if the children in your area could eat organic/biodynamic food for lunch and maybe be csa members and feed their children an organic breakfast and dinner too?I wish we could have a garden that big to do that much food or have a network for this project.So many ideas and opportunities but it is still too early in the spring to think about how to grow that much food.We are just beginning and there is so much to do.Lets get together and feed people some good healthy food they deserve from a local environment.We'll try to see and show this movie soon>Konomi says she can rent the movie and show it at some of our csa gatherings.
I guess by now you are saying to yourself "wish i could help".Well you can just give us a comment and suggestions and support.Pray for us.thats enough for now.Thank you for your support.Love and peace.Ben.
Our hope is to help the organic movement not only for the earth's sake but so we can convert organic farmers to the biodynamic method too.

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